ai - automated curve analysis and qc
for clinical qpcr

Saves an average of 60 minutes of specialist hands-on time for every qPCR run with no loss of quality.

Source: RG Gunson et al; Journal of Clinical Virology, Vol. 70, Supp. 1 (Sept 2015)

Run qPCR tests on nights and weekends without specialists and spot errors before they cause major problems.

Immediate error detection with automated Westgard monitoring in real time.

Automated interpretation reduces the need for experienced specialists.

Studies show has an interpretation accuracy of 99.9%.

Source: Hussel et al; Clinical Virology Symposium, USA; 2015


Standardised results

One test - one result - no manual bias from a computer unlike from current workflows in place in laboratories.

Available in the cloud (and offline)

Secure, encrypted access available anywhere

One interface for any common thermocycler and any test

Can import run-files from all major thermocyclers for any qPCR test

Real-time Westgard reporting and other QC checks

Automatically apply all QC checks that currently you do in different systems

Unlimited secure storage of results

Audit and quality control is simplified with one source for your data

Automated and customisable reporting

Customise the report to match your laboratory requirements

how does it work

Note that the below is a schematic reprentation only - for more information on algorithms and mathematics, please see our patents and publications.

who we are

We are a group of mathematicians, computer scientists and engineers who believe that the way to produce a step change in clinical diagnostics is to embrace new technologies such as machine learning and to embrace new inventions to deliver our vision of accurate diagnostics for everyone. is our first product - visit our company website at for more information.

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