pcr.ai features

AI-standardised results

Increased accuracy - one test, one result, no manual bias.

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24/7 access

pcr.ai is available at all times.

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LJ plots

Real-time LJ plots allow you to monitor and manage errors quickly.

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Works with any assay on any major thermocycler.

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Runfile Reports

Automated and customisable reports for your laboratory.

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Secure data storage

Store run-file data, reports and audit in full HIPAA compliance.

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LIMS exports

Transfer results to your LIMS.

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Search for kits and sample names with our simple interface.

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QC protocols

Define rules to be applied to run-files upon import

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Laboratories - pcr.ai is the complete solution for you

Replace the multiple different systems you use right now for managing the workflow from thermocycler to LIMS - remove the paper, the filing, the spreadsheet your colleague made three years ago and the third party software that you use to make L-J plots

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We strongly believe in the automation offered by diagnostics.ai…other technologies (including ABI & Qiagen) …do not meet our need for accuracy.

Dr Rory Gunson FRCPath PhDH Clinical director of NHS GGC, UK

We believe that this technology can provide a pathway from CLIA to FDA, future-proofing laboratories and improving diagnostic standards.

Prof. Keith Jerome MD, PhD, Head of University of Washington Virology, USA

This is the best system we have seen that ensures the accuracy of our tests and improves our clinical diagnostic service.

Dr. Mark Zuckerman FRCPath MRCP, Head of virology, NHS KCL, UK


pcr.ai has 15 patents

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pcr.ai is based on patented AI learning machines, so the system can easily be used for any test or platform without needing to be reprogrammed for each new test. These patents importantly show the creative and innovative nature of the pcr.ai team and products; working hard to ensure clients are at the very forefront of diagnostic technology.

pcr.ai has been independently tested and validated multiple times

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pcr.ai has been reviewed in 6 independent studies, covering over 50 pathogens and over 0.5m samples. Each study has demonstrated the accuracy of the system along with distinct characteristics including time-savings and quality control elements.  

pcr.ai is in use in the UK, India and the USA

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Leading laboratories have need for accurate automation due to quality requirements combined with need for rapid turnover at lowest cost. Their confidence in the pcr.ai platform as well as the savings they have demonstrated are applicable to practically all similar labs.

About Us

diagnostics.ai was founded in 2009 to solve patient safety issues caused by known problems with diagnostic testing. Many diagnostic issues are data-driven and resolving them requires new data science based approaches. diagnostics.ai was founded on using innovative AI and machine learning to improve diagnostic accuracy, cut costs and save time thereby reducing risk of error and improving safety worldwide.

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The Team

Aron Cohen - CEO

Expert in bringing people together to deliver a common vision. Over twenty years experience in delivering software solutions for a diverse range of clients and industries.

Ze'ev Russak - CTO

17 granted patents (15 for diagnostics.ai so far). Honed his digital signal processing, kinetic analysis and algorithm expertise in elite military intelligence units and through working for corporations such as IAI and HP.

Simon Bengen - CPO

Our Chief Product Officer’s background in engineering and business consultancy make him the fitting interface between our inventions and the market place. Simon is always thinking in terms of risk, the ideal approach for a medical device.


Viapath implementing diagnostics.ai to automate their molecular diagnostics
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Diagnostics.ai win Digital Health Award for ‘Best Data - Driven Innovation’
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MedCity grant awarded
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diagnostics.ai (formerly Azure PCR) excited to announce brand relaunch
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